At Partners for Pets Veterinary Hospital our qualified veterinarians provide pets in Montgomery County Alabama with vision care and the diagnosis and treatment of the eye. At both locations in Montgomery and Pike Road, we perform diagnostic tests including tonometry, in which we check your pet’s eye pressure to determine whether or not your pet has glaucoma; the schirmer tear test that measures the rate of tear production to diagnose dry eyes; and fluorescein stain to check for ulcers/abrasions on the cornea of the eye.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art surgical suite, our doctors perform ocular surgeries including grid keratotomy, conjunctival flaps, eyelid tumor removal, and entropion surgery among others.

If you live in Montgomery or Pike Road, Alabama, and have noticed that something is not right about your pet’s eyes, give us a call at either location to have your pet’s eyes evaluated.