Keep your pet feeling, looking, and smelling their best by having them groomed at Partners for Pets Veterinary Hospital in Pike Road, Alabama. Our compassionate and experienced groomer will bathe your precious pet, groom to your specification, and have them looking and smelling great when return to pick them up.

Whether you want to get your pet companion ready for a show, or simply have a look in mind for them, our groomers are ready to please! Regular cutting not only keeps them looking their best, but also prevents long hair from matting, and helps them remain cool during the hot Alabama summers.

Bathing is also available, not only to help your pet smell fresh, but also to help remove dirt, debris, and dead skin. Medicated baths are also offered, for pets with skin and allergic conditions. The veterinarians and staff at Partners for Pets Veterinary Hospital prides themselves on compassion, coupled with a personal touch, and our grooming service is an excellent example of this commitment.